local temp: 17 C/62F

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local temp: 17 C/62F

local time: 11:45 pm

Ko Olina Beach Park

Sparkling like sapphires in the afternoon sun and dazzling with vibrant oranges and reds at every sunset, Ko Olina’s ocean lagoons are unquestionably the crown jewels of the resort. An equally pleasant surprise is the charming and scenic Ko Olina Beach Park located at the peninsula containing Lagoon 4. Mere minutes away from your lodgings at Beach Villas Hawai`i, this peaceful park is open to the public and boasts clean white sands, swaying green palm trees, and the opportunity to slip into the welcoming waters of the Pacific Ocean in a scenic and protected setting.

The Ocean’s Finest

Sculpted from the rocky shore, each of the four man-made lagoons features a half-moon shape with fine white sand beaches perfect for basking in the sun. Each lagoon is named after a species of marine life common in Hawai‘i’s coastal waters: Kohola (humpback whale), Honu (green sea turtle), Naia (dolphin), and Ulua (Giant trevally, or Jack). The rock walls forming the ocean-side breakwaters are built to form channels, creating water flow and providing protective barriers between swimmers and larger offshore waves.

Seaside Strolls

The fine white sands of the lagoons invite you to bask in the tropical sun, though the lure of a nap in the shade of your own cabana might just pull you away. Beginning at the far end of the beach park, more than two miles of seaside paths connect the lagoons and wind along the picturesque shoreline, perfect for morning strolls and after-dinner walks set to stunning sunsets.

Ko Olina Public Beach

Each lagoon has restroom facilities, but there are no life guards. If the hot afternoon sun has you feeling parched, slip over to one of the nearby beach bars and sip a refreshing beverage. Later in the evenings you can relax here while you listen to live Hawaiian music, looking out over the truly breathtaking views of the four shimmering lagoons and the rolling waves of the Pacific beyond. Shopping centers with quick food options are also close at hand, so whether you are craving a barbecue plate lunch or wish to bring your own snacks to the beach, you have plenty of options within Ko Olina.

We welcome you to enjoy the beautiful Ko Olina Beach Park while you stay with Beach Villas Hawai‘i at the fabulous Ko Olina resort. These beautiful oases are just minutes away from anywhere in the resort, and their convenience takes all the “work” out of a day at the beach. All you have to decide is which to call home!


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