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Ko Olina History

Ko Olina is a sacred place, a place of natural beauty. It is awash in a sense of magic, a spiritual power the ancient Hawaiians in Ko Olina History referred to as mana. The land here resides within the Honouliuli ahupua`a, an ancient land district delineated by the flow of water from the mountain top to the ocean. Guarded by those mountains and sheltered on the leeward side of the island, Ko Olina comes pretty close to being heaven on Earth.

A Place of Joy

A place of solitude and soul searching for the famous Hawaiian Chief Kākuhihewa, the area around Ko Olina (“Place of Joy” in Hawaiian) has been a retreat for Hawaiian royalty since at least the 17th century. Queen Ka`ahumanu, wife of Kamehameha the Great, often made the 20-mile trek from the royal court in Honolulu to bathe in the natural pools and lagoons in order to commune with nature and replenish her spirit.

Paradise Lost?

In the late 1870’s, following a major shift in land ownership in Hawai`i, industrialist James Campbell brought modernization and development to the central plains of O`ahu, including the area around Ko Olina. With the sugar industry booming and the arid, leeward plains ripe for expansion, Campbell drilled irrigation wells to supply the spreading sugarcane plantations, and the landscape began to be transformed.

Paradise Preserved

It was Campbell’s daughter, Alice Kamokila Campbell, who helped preserve the natural beauty of the southwestern shore. A staunch proponent of traditional Hawaiian culture, she built an estate at the site of Queen Ka`ahumanu’s retreat in 1939 and named it Lanikuhonua (“where heaven meets Earth”). During World War II, the area’s tradition as a place of healing was continued when U.S. servicemen came here to relax on R&R from nearby military bases. Today, located adjacent to the Ko Olina resorts, the Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute continues Campbell’s mission of preserving, displaying, and promoting the natural beauty of the land and the Hawaiian culture. Visitors can have private events – including weddings – and wade in the same pools as the Queen did 200 years ago.

Paradise Found

In the late 20th century, Ko Olina caught the eye of international resort developers. A vision of a masterfully-planned vacation community was born, and the first resort was built in the mid-1980’s, along with condominiums, the 4 man-made lagoons, and the golf course. (The original resort was redesigned as the Four Seasons Resort O`ahu at Ko Olina in 2016.) Other additions include gated residential communities, the Beach Villas at Ko Olina, and Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa. Beach Villas Hawai`i is proud to offer rental accommodations in 4 of the highly sought after vacation “neighborhoods.”

Today the resort features 4 world-class hotels, multiple shopping centers, and several miles of manicured paths and pristine beaches. A full-service marina offers full-day adventures and sunset cruises.

Ko Olina stays true to its roots, its Ko Olina history, as a peaceful oasis, preserving and celebrating Hawaii’s natural beauty. Guests are offered the chance to glimpse the past and experience Hawaii’s unique culture for themselves. We know you will love your journey to paradise, and we wish you well as you enjoy your time in this magical place of rest and rejuvenation at Beach Villas at Ko Olina.


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