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Paradise Cove Beach

One of the best hidden secrets in Ko Olina is also one of the best secret beaches in all of O‘ahu. Located down a small, non-descript path behind the Paradise Cove Luau and the Four Seasons Resort is the perfectly public – but often overlooked – Paradise Cove Beach. This small cove is an inlet off of Ka`ula Bay and is a perfect slice of heaven in an already perfect paradise. In fact, it is even more secret than the aptly named “Secret Beach” one cove closer to the main lagoons of Ko Olina. Visitors to this small beach rave about the pristine waters, the seclusion, and the chance to get up close and personal with exotic Hawaiian marine life.

The First Adventure

The hardest part about visiting Secret Beach is getting there! This beach can be hard to find, and locals and tourists in the know prefer it that way. A small footpath leads to the beach from Ali`inui Drive. Parking for this non-descript spot can be difficult, so it might be worth the short 10-15 minute walk from your Beach Villas Hawai‘i vacation rental rather than dealing with the lagoon traffic. Once you arrive, however, the adventures continue.

Paradise Cove Beach Ko Olina

While there is a small patch of fine white sand for sunbathing, the main draw to this beach is the very good chance you will get to share the crystal-clear waters of the cove with Hawaiian monk seals and green sea turtles. Keep your eyes peeled for seals hauled out on the sand, though they are more often spotted popping their heads out of the water to turn a curious and inquisitive eye on visitors. The turtles, on the other hand, are quite content to float in the current, chasing the occasional floating patch of algae or nibbling it from the rocks along the shore. Both species are protected by endangered species laws – so touching them is illegal – but the animals are far from shy and will often approach. Snorkeling here is excellent for this reason alone, but there are also small schools of fish along the rocks at the mouth of the beach.

While the large man-made lagoons of Ko Olina get all the press, this is our favorite spot to sneak off to for a fiery Hawaiian sunset or a quick dip with some of Hawai‘i’s friendly marine residents. If you can find it, it is well worth the visit! Just don’t tell your neighbors, okay? now come to check out Paradise Cove Beach today!


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