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Surfing, a outdoor activity oahu that brings large crowds 3 Fun Outdoor Activities Oahu Offers in Winter

3 Fun Outdoor Activities Oahu Offers in Winter

Most of us know that Oahu, Hawaii is an amazing place to take a vacation. We have pictures in our minds of endless beaches, clear water, and extraordinary terrain. These are all consistent with what you will find when you come to Oahu, but there is much more to enjoy. It is an incredibly popular place to visit for winter vacations, partly because the weather remains absolutely gorgeous throughout the entire year. The following are three fun outdoor activities Oahu offers during winter.

Find a Waterfall

On Oahu, winter is considered the rainy season. This may sound like a bad thing, but in truth, showers come and go quickly, so there is plenty of time to enjoy sunny skies. With this increased precipitation, this is the best time of year to encounter some of Oahu’s most beautiful waterfalls. One of the most beautiful of these waterfalls is Waimea Falls in Waimea Valley. Enjoy this 45-foot waterfall powerfully cascading into the freshwater pool, perfect for a swim.

Enjoy the Surfing

With perfect water temperatures and consistent waves, it is always a good time to enjoy surfing on Oahu. But from November through March, you can find some of the best surfing conditions in the world, especially on the North and West Shores of the island. People come from all over the world to catch these waves, and there are great opportunities for everyone from the beginners looking for perfect, 6-foot waves to pros that want the challenge of 30-foot behemoths. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities Oahu has!

Whale Watching

Another reason this time of year is so popular for Hawaiian vacation is the fact that the winter months bring whale migrations to Oahu. You can see these incredible creatures here unlike anywhere else in the world. From December through March, your chances of seeing whales from any number of Oahu beaches is very high. For greater chances and better conditions for viewing these creatures, find a great whale watching cruise like the ones you will find through Wide Side Specialty Tours.

Find the Perfect Vacation Home for Enjoying the Outdoor Activities Oahu Has to Offer

In the winter as with any other time of year, you can find the very best condos, villas, and townhomes that Oahu has to offer through Beach Villas Hawaii. With each of the options that we provide, you can expect a gorgeous home in a beautiful place. Incredible views of your surroundings are supported by luxurious amenities—from the high-end appliances of the full kitchen to the cozy furnishings of the living room. Find endless places to relax, enjoy company of your family and friends, and take in this beautiful island. Find the perfect vacation home for you with us today!