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Happy New Year, written in the sand of a Kapolei beach Enjoy the Best New Years Oahu Has To Offer in Kapolei!

Enjoy the Best New Years Oahu Has To Offer in Kapolei!

There is nothing more memorable than bringing in a brand new year in the vacation paradise of Hawaii. If you are considering visiting Kapolei to enjoy a New Years in Oahu, there are a number of exciting ways that you can thoroughly enjoy your Hawaiian New Year’s celebration. The following are some reasons why celebrating New Year’s in Kapolei is the way to go.


How many people do you know that can actually say they have brought in the New Year on a ship in the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean right off the Hawaiian islands? There are very few. If you have the opportunity to create this experience, definitely do it. There are several companies that offer New Year’s Eve dinner cruises off the coasts of several Hawaiian islands. Just picture yourself sailing gently under a beautiful sunset while enjoying a gourmet meal with those closest to you. A New Year’s dinner cruise is a magical, memorable way to bring in the new year in Kapolei.


Sure…fireworks are a staple for many New Year’s celebrations, but there is something surreal about watching the sky light up with fireworks while feeling the sand under your feet. The warm, tropical breeze caresses your skin and the sound of the sea lapping at the coastline is calming and inviting. Finding places to enjoy a New Year’s Oahu firework celebration won’t be hard as there are a number of hotels, resorts and other establishments that put on quite a lightshow to entertain guests vacationing in Kapolei over the New Year’s holiday.

New Year’s Oahu, Family Style

If you have decided to take the family along with you to bring in the New Year in Kapolei, make sure that the New Year’s festivities are enjoyable for everyone. Some of the resorts, particularly those operated by Disney, are very family-friendly offering a host of entertainment for people of all ages. Much of the entertainment includes arranged performances some of which ask for audience participation! You and the entire family will never forget the year that you spent bringing in the new year on the beaches of Kapolei.

If you are ready to make the New Year’s celebration of 2019 one you will never forget, now is the time to make your Kapolei travel plans. The Beach Villas at Ko Olina offer you the opportunity to make your Hawaiian New Year’s celebration one that you will never forget with a luxurious vacation rental. To secure your vacation rental now visit our website or contact us directly at (808) 445.9140.