local temp: 23 C/73F

local time: 6:02 am

local temp: 23 C/73F

local time: 6:02 am

Oahu Beach Safety Tips

Understand Seasonal Waves

While temperatures remain fairly constant throughout the seasons, it is helpful to understand what type of ocean conditions to expect when you head to the beach. Beaches that are completely flat and tranquil in one season can turn into monster swells of 30 feet in another season. Be informed on Oahu beach safety and how the seasons affect the waves in order to plan excursions to the safest beaches.

In general, winter brings huge swells to the north shore, and flat to small surf conditions on the south shore. In contrast, summer brings large waves to the south shore and flat to small waves to the north shore. Swells from the north and south wrap around the island to the east and west, creating waves for most of the year on these coasts. These are generalities, and individual beach conditions such as trade winds and reef locations can affect waves as well.

Swim at Lifeguarded Beaches

Oahu has approximately two dozen lifeguarded beaches. Exercise Oahu beach safety by choosing one of the many beaches with lifeguards on duty. Ocean conditions can vary drastically day to day, as well as present different hazards depending on which end of the beach you choose. Along with providing assistance if swimmers are in distress, lifeguards can also update you on current ocean conditions, as well as provide advice on the best location on the beach for your desired activity.

Be Aware of Rip Currents

Rip currents at Ko Olina beaches are strong currents of water pulling from the water’s edge out to sea. They are not easy to spot unless you know what you’re looking for. They can appear as narrow muddy streaks in areas where there are no waves breaking. Drownings occur when swimmers get caught in rip currents and exhaust themselves fighting the current to get back to shore. If you find yourself in a rip current, swim parallel to shore to free yourself of the rip, and then make your way back to shore with the assistance of the waves.

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