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Ono Seafood

There is nothing flashy or fancy about Ono Seafood, but to carry the “ono” (Hawaiian for “delicious”) moniker in Honolulu, you better be able to back it up. Fortunately, they do. This no-frills poke counter and take-away deli occupies a small storefront just off the beaten path around the corner from Waikīkī, but it is well worth the visit. Serving up some of the best poke (a Hawaiian dish of raw fish like ahi, marinated in soy sauce and served with fresh seaweed, veggies, or nuts on a bed of rice) and seafood delicacies for rock bottom prices, this is a must for anyone who wants a genuine Hawai‘i picnic on the beach.

The Menu at Ono Seafood

If you are new to the cultural experience that is poke, you can’t go wrong with the classic or the Spicy Ahi and its fresh cubes of velvety, fatty ahi coated in a spicy mayo and adorned with colorful tobiko (fish roe) and sweet onions atop steaming hot rice coated in furikake (Japanese salted seaweed flakes that add a unique flavor to the dish and perfectly compliment the rice).

For poke connoisseurs, Ono Seafood will become one of your favorite Honolulu restaurant for having all your favorites plus new styles like the Miso Ahi poke (the tuna is marinated in velvety miso sauce and sesame oil), the Shoyu Tako (zesty soy sauce-marinated octopus) and the Hawaiian Bowl (featuring soy sauce-marinated ahi, kukui nut, chili peppers, and several seaweed delicacies like Ogo). All bowls start at under $10, and include a drink. Such a deal!

A Must Visit

Located at 747 Kapahulu Avenue next to the American Savings Bank (it can be hard to spot the little storefront, and everyone in Hawai‘i gives directions using businesses as landmarks), Ono Seafood is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm. It is an absolute must for anyone who is a fan of poke or has been itching to see what the hubbub is all about. Trust us, if you like seafood, sushi, or eating like a local, the hubbub is deserved. Plus, the staff is friendly and happy to mix and match your poke bowl half and half with the two pokes of your choice, so don’t hesitate to experiment with flavor combinations.

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