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Oahu Helicopter Tours and Plane Tours

O`ahu is an island of incredible natural beauty. From the heights and panoramic views of the mountain ranges dominating the island’s center to the colorful coral gardens fringing the coast, from the lush forest valleys slicing deeply into the interior to the pristine beaches lining her sparkling shores, our island will captivate you. While we always enjoy days spent exploring the different corners of this tropical paradise, one of the best ways to take it all in during your stay in O’ahu is with an aerial tour with Oahu helicopter tours and plane tours!

Bird’s Eye View from Ko Olina Helicopters

Nothing beats the thrill of soaring over the craggy spine of the Ko`olau Mountains with open-door Oahu helicopter tours, the jungle racing past at breakneck speed. Your expert pilot will show you the island’s secrets from lofty vantage points you just cannot get on land. With an unobstructed bird’s eye view the ocean achieves impossible colors of blue, a stunning canvas accented with breaking waves, hidden lagoons, and bright coral reefs guarding golden beaches. Your narrated tour will take you over the rocky wilderness of the eastern shore, the secluded beaches of Waimanalo, and the breathtaking 1,000-foot drop of Sacred Falls on the North Shore before returning home over the fertile plains of central O`ahu.

Winging It

Ko Olina Helicopters make you nervous? Well there are plenty of tours for the airplane enthusiast as well. You can opt for a vintage seaplane ride, taking off and landing from the lagoon next to the airport. While aboard you get a unique perspective on O`ahu’s aviation history with a tour of Pearl Harbor, Ford Island, and the iconic Arizona Memorial which commemorates the infamous World War II attack.

If engines are not for you, why not try a glider flight over the rugged North Shore during humpback whale season? For the truly bold, you can leave the plane behind and try skydiving. Either way, from thousands of feet above, the majestic size of these graceful 30-ton visitors is impossible to comprehend.

Island Fever

If you have wanderlust, multiple charters offer inter-island tours. Wing your way to Moloka`i, the “friendly island”, and admire the stark beauty of the island’s arid plateau as it drops away at the impossibly sheer cliffs of Kalapaupa (the tallest sea cliffs in the world), plunging over 2,000 feet to the peninsula below. Makani Kai offers daily flights featuring tours of the isolated community that was founded as a leprosy colony.

Finally, an aerial tour of the Big Island of Hawai`i is a journey for the ages. An hour’s flight over the islands of Moloka`i, Lana`i, and Maui brings you to the beautiful moonscape of the Kona coast. From the snowy heights of Mauna Kea to the fiery eruptions of Kilauea volcano, this is a must, whether you do the circle-island tour or the day trip that includes hiking and visits to ancient settlements.

O`ahu is home to numerous reputable flight tours, most departing from the Honolulu airport, a 25-mile drive from your lodgings at Beach Villas Hawai`i. No matter which tour you choose, let it be from plane or Ko Olina helicopter,  your aerial adventure is sure to be a highlight of your Hawaiian vacation!


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