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ATV Oahu Tours

You grip the handles, feeling the power of the engine as it idles beneath you. The afternoon Hawaiian sun bathes you in warm light, the blue skies above you as endless as the jade jungle and rutty tracks before you. The wind picks up slightly, spurring you like a starter’s pistol – you’re off! Racing over ridges, cutting up and down the saddles of hidden valleys, spraying your friends and family with mud as you splash across babbling streams – now this is all-terrain adventure!

If this sounds like your idea of exploration, then an ATV tour Oahu is the perfect way to see the wild side of O`ahu.

Star in Your Own ATV Tour Oahu Adventure

One of the premiere locations for ATV tours is the 4,000 acre nature preserve of Kualoa Ranch, located on the northeastern side of the island a scenic one hour’s drive from your lodgings at Beach Villas Hawai`i. Straddling two hidden valleys walled in by the steep peaks of the mountains and the blue waters of Kāne`ohe Bay, the ranch offers adventure tours for all (ages 16+) from single-rider ATV’s putting you “behind the wheel” to multi-passenger Raptor ATV’s. Whether you navigate the winding trails yourself, or let your knowledgeable guide do the dirty work, you will begin with a guided ATV Oahu tour of the stunning natural scenery of many recognizable Hollywood blockbuster movies and TV shows (Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Godzilla, Lost, and many more).

With 1 and 2-hour tours, these ATV adventures quickly leave civilization behind as they trek into the secret realm of Kualoa’s sacred valleys. Venture past abandoned military bunkers, crest lush rolling hills, and drink in the incredible views of the blooming jungle and vast Pacific Ocean. Offering action and excitement, nothing quite compares to outdoor exploration on an ATV. Visitors can add-on other packages including horseback rides, movie set ATV tours Oahu, and sailing trips to secret beaches.

Test Your Skills

Closer to Ko Olina, Coral Crater Adventure Park in Kapolei offers a specially designed off-road race against the clock. Experts will teach you how to make the most of your ATV, and then you are set loose on a specially-designed course that bounds over hills, winds through forests, and sends you plowing through mud flats. Awesome!

If you want to make a day of it, add some runs on the zipline course or tackle the climbing wall.

Off the Beaten Path

O`ahu’s sharply carved valleys, with their undulating hills dropping from elevation through tropical forests to the beaches below, are tailor made for off-roading. A perfect family adventure (drivers must be 16+, but all ages can ride), ATV is safe, fast fun and a great way to explore the island’s secluded sanctuaries. Check out all of the ATV Oahu tour offerings at Kualoa Ranch, and decide which tour package is right for you! We only wish we could join you—maybe we will!


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