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local temp: 22 C/71F

local time: 3:56 pm

Windsurfing Oahu

O`ahu is blessed with many things, including gorgeous beaches, endless sunshine, and stunning natural beauty. But it is our natural “air conditioning” in the form of northeasterly trade winds that keeps our climate perfect year round and makes for some of the best windsurfing in the world.

Combining elements of standup paddleboarding, surfing, and sailing, nothing quite matches the thrill – and speed – of windsurfing in the beautiful blue waters around O`ahu. While you can try your hand windsurfing Oahu in Ko Olina with rental equipment, the best spots are located to the north.

Windy Windward Coast

Without question, the northeast side of the island is the best spot for windsurfing Oahu. The trades roll in strong and steady at 10-15 mph, cooling the island, swaying the palm trees, and most importantly, providing rocket fuel to windsurfer’s sails. Kailua Beach is the best of the best, with miles of protected waters inside the protection of the offshore islands of Mokulua (and the aptly named Flat Island). This means there are huge expanses of ocean highways for you to explore, perfect for beginners to intermediates. Rentals and lessons are available throughout Kailua, close to the beach. One of the longest running shops is Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks, teaching the art of windsurfing, kite surfing, and more since the 1980’s. They offer group and private lessons and offer all types of boards and harnesses. As you get comfortable they will show how to slalom on the inside reef breaks, and even how to master the larger waves breaking outside.

Summertime Fun

Mokuleia Beach Park on the North Shore has easy access to waves in summer and is another ideal spot to grab the winds coming in from the northeast, though it is much more remote (about an hour’s drive from your home at Beach Villas Hawaii). Other North Shore beaches are only for the advanced windsurfer; shallow rocks, reefs, and massive winter waves will test your skills.

Diamond Head Beach is another popular windsurfing Hawaii spot, although the less experienced should look out for the shallow patch reefs lurking just below the surface. Summer waves are larger than winter ones, but are still quite manageable (4-6 feet) and very consistent. Diamond Head itself makes for a great windbreak, with a noticeable drop in wind intensity in its shadow.

Feel the Wind in Your Sails with Windsurfing Oahu

Windsurfing Hawaii is an amazing adrenaline rush, and nothing gets you closer to the power of the wind and waves. If adventures above the ocean – often several feet above if you catch some major air! – are your cup of tea, be sure to add windsurfing to your to-do list while you stay with us at Beach Villas Hawaii.