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Zipline Oahu

Sure, O`ahu has panoramic vistas, sun-kissed beaches, and beautiful hikes and nature walks. But why walk when you can fly!? One of the newest adventure activities sweeping our tropical paradise is ziplining, the perfect combination of sightseeing and adrenaline for the entire family! Strap into one of the “zips” and soar at 35 mph over lush tropical foliage and mysterious jungles where dinosaurs “walked,” then cap your day with a swim at a secret beach or a round of miniature golf. The possibilities are endless!

Marathon Distance

One of the newest zipline Oahu adventures is also O`ahu’s longest: CLIMB Works at Keana Farms. Featuring 8 zips, here you can fly over a working North Shore farm and take in panoramic views of the coast and the rugged Waianae Mountains. The course features dual lines – so you can race your friends and family – and segments stretch from 500 feet to a whopping half-mile. The adventure tour lasts 3 hours and features 2 rappelling runs, 3 suspended aerial bridges, and even an ATV ride to the top of the ridge. For an extra fee you can arrange transportation from your lodgings. As with all zipline adventures, age and weight limits do apply.

Zip Over a Lost World

Kualoa Ranch, the filming location for multiple movies including the Jurassic Park films, also offers a selection of zipline Oahu activities and package adventures. “Zippers” enjoy a guided tour of the ranch and wilderness on the northern tip of the Windward Coast, exploring scenic and mysterious Ka’a’awa Valley on their way to 7 tandem ziplining runs. You have the option of adding packages that include horseback rides, ATV tours, and a swimming excursion to a secret beach (NOTE: those not interested in zipping can opt for the secret beach-only tour and await the rest of your party). Transportation upgrades are available with pick-up at your lodgings.

A to Z Adventure

Closer to Ko Olina, Coral Crater Adventure Park in Kapolei boasts 6 zip lines, with 3-zip packages for beginners. The runs span 300-900 feet, during which you will top out at 35mph! Upgraded braking systems control your speed for you, making this a perfect zip for all ages. Add adventure packages such as the Adventure Tower, ATV tours, aerial laser tag, and more.

Loads of Family Fun with Zipline Oahu

Those looking for a less intense zipline Hawaii Oahu experience will want to check out Bayview’s Zip and Putt Putt Combo in Kaneohe. A family friendly tandem zip line will have you and yours racing at 25 mph over a 400-foot course. Kids as young as 6 (weighing at least 60 lbs.) are welcome, and you can combine 3 runs with a round of mini-golf for a fun day by the bay!

Whether we are exploring the Adventure Tower, dodging laser blaster fire from our friends, or marveling at the splendor of the North Shore as we race down the ridgeline at Keana Farms, we love ziplining. What better place to try this fun phenomenon than in the natural beauty of O`ahu as you vacation with us at Beach Villas Hawaii? Check out OahuZipline.com for more information, and book your package today!


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